Jewelry is not only a beauty piece to show off but it is also a way to love you. It is the best way to glam up your look immediately. With plenty of styles to choose from, whether it is kadas, rings, earrings or bracelets, they will add bling to your personality and also help you accentuate your outfit perfectly.


You will come across a whole lot of accessories and jewelry in the stores, but you will need a special guide to help you collect all the best vivienne westwood earrings sale jewels especially if it’s your first time. You should always have a list with you when you plan on going shopping for jewelry so as to know which type will go well with what type of ethnic wear or clothing. So, below is a list of different types of accessories and jewelry that are a must have for every woman;


  1. Toe ring – if you are planning on going ethnic, remember to also include toe rings. They are normally available in silver and gold material and are the best match for churidars or Patiala salwars.


They have been worn by women in India ever since we can remember. They are not only worn by Indian women, but these beautiful toe rings have evolved and are now being worn by western women too. They are also available in semi-precious and precious gems and stones.


  1. Necklaces and chokers – they are not something that should miss in your closet especially if you are planning on going for a big event like a wedding or anniversary. Necklaces and chokers always make the woman stand out in a crowd in a very beautiful manner.


Don’t be surprised if you can keep your man close with these fine piece of jewelry. Necklaces normally vary in lengths but chokers are usually the tight ones that generally cover the length of one’s neck. They can be worn with any type of clothing.


  1. Rings – these are not to be missed out when attending any occasion. Metallic rings or single studded are very elegant and can be worn with any type of clothing but you can also try and wear multiple rings depending on the type of clothing you want to wear. Give it a try when stepping out for a luncheon or just a causal date.


  1. Bangles – normally worn in pairs and especially Indian women prefer wearing glass or gold bangles or even both. The less expensive bangles made from plastic that have begun replacing the glass ones but that doesn’t mean that the glass are out of the market. They are still preferred at traditional occasions like festivals or marriages. Their design ranges from intricate to simple handmade designs and normally studded with semi-precious and precious stones like pearls, gems and diamonds.


  1. Hairpins – it can be encrusted or decorated with ornaments and vivienne westwood sale jewels or it can also be designed in such a way that it can be invisible when clutching the hairdo in position. Majority of the hairpins are usually straight. But these days, they are being developed in different extents of a wire that can bend halfway and kinks along the opposite pieces. The completed pin will vary from one to six inches.


In the olden days, hairpins symbolized the transition from a child to an adult and were also connected to the marriage rites. During their engagement, the woman would take her hairpin and give to the man as a sign of commitment; it is similar to how the man gives his bride an engagement ring. When the marriage rites are through, the man will then place back the hairpin in his spouse’s hair.

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