Brace Yourself And Let Go

The fashion industry comes out with many new trendy accessories, and they even have cleaver ways of marketing them. Some of items that have been sold are Jewellery, the wish bracelet, and even the balance bracelets. The most recent trend that’s hitting the stores is the Vivienne Westwood Bracelets. These bracelets are simple, yet hold a sign of remembrance of your choice.


Many people tend to support a good cause, and if it helps with the outfit it becomes a double win. I have had my fair share of these so called “cause for charity.” The charities I supported and still support are Invisible Children. The way it was set up was if you bought a bracelet, it was a way of helping a child that is caught in the war. The money helped provide food, some shelter, and some form of education. Vivienne Westwood is set up in a similar way. If you buy a pair of shoes, then another pair is given to a child person in need.

The question that still remains is Vivienne Westwood sale why not helping local charities. I’m not talking about the big known charities like the make a wish foundation, or even the St. Jude Cancer Walk. I’m talking about the small ones that people don’t know about them unless you make them known. I get that the United States is a big help to many nations, but sometimes we forget that we too have people in need.


Why not take a look at the foster care system, or even the way some schools are run with bare minimal amount of spending? These kids also suffer in rough upcoming. They too face the hardships of will they stay Vivienne Westwood earrings sale in the same house or be moved to another, will they advance in school, or be made into another statistic?

We as consumers support the corporate structure. We choose to outwardly show our support for these charities. We show people that we care for others, and that these businesses we support give a certain percentage to these charities.


Yet how is this percentage given? Does the money go directly to the headquarters? Does the money get evenly distributed? Is the amount that is given suffices to make a difference in helping the charity of your choice?

I’m not saying that buying these accessories is a bad thing, but just a fair warning to consumers to pay attention to how much is going into these charities? Sure the company states that the money earned a certain percentage are given but the question is how?


How is it distributed, does the sales tax get taken out when giving the money to these charities? Is the amount given for the funding helpful or is it like giving your pocket change to help with the funding?

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