How To Take Care Of Your Vivienne Westwood Jewellery

If you have jewelry, it, it means the collection is valuable to you, and you have an obligation of taking care of it. Jewelry care means taking care of it and keeping it free from dirt by cleaning it regularly and storing it in a clean place. That will ensure it retains its gleam and shine and that will enhance its overall beauty and match to your style. Below are ways you need to take care of your ornaments.


Maintain its cleanliness


There are various ways you can use to clean your ornaments depending on its type. For instance, if it’s made of Silver, then you have an easy time cleaning it than you can imagine. You don’t have to incur extra costs cleaning it at ornaments shops or buying expensive cleaning detergents. You just need to use your ordinary soap and a piece of cloth, and you will be able to restore the brilliant and elegant look of your Vivienne Westwood earrings.

Get an appraisal


Get an expert to appraise your ornaments, and this will add to its value as well as its security. Also, if you decide to sell or insure your collection, then an appraisal will come in handy. Therefore, take time to look for a competent, reliable and accredited gemologist who is certified as a jewelry and gem appraisal. A gemologist who not associated with an ornaments shop is highly recommended since they will offer an unbiased appraisal. It’s recommended you get your collection appraised after every two years, as the value of it adjusts from epoch to epoch.

Insure your ornaments


By insuring your ornaments, it will not only give you peace of mind, but it will also save you money in case you happen to lose them. Unforeseen disasters may happen at any time, and when your ornaments are insured, you will get a replacement. The replacement may not necessarily bring back the sentimental value of your ornament, but it stands in place of the one you lost. Ensure you insure your collections regardless their value as once it’s lost or any other disaster strikes, that’s when you will know it was worth something.

Store your ornaments in a Vivienne Westwood jewellery sale jewelry box before you acquire jewelry, factor in whether it will fit well in your other jewelry you currently own. Storing them in a safe place will also prevent them from scratches which might end up degrading their value. If you hold small jewelry, then you can go for a jewelry box, but if you have a large collection, then jewelry armoire will do you good. The good idea is to store your collection according to how you use them. Also, banks offer an economical way to store your highly valuable ornaments.


Jewelry consists of many things. As much as people may have a different understanding of the value of jewels, some factors tell the value of your jewel. These include the sentimental value, investment, and personal adornment among others. Treasure your jewels, and they will serve you to the end.

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